Mission & Vision

“To organise, promote and assist the cultural development of the community at Allenwood in the county of Kildare by promoting full time employment through existing and proposed projects aimed at the community’s welfare and to establish, promote and operate a community development programme for the community at Allenwood in the County of Kildare and surrounding areas, with a view of promoting their economic and culture welfare and particularly to empower specific, disadvantaged groups to effectively participate in a programme of personal and social development.”

Goals & Objectives

It is envisaged that the Company will shortly start the process of putting together a five-year strategic plan. It is hoped that this process will be a collaborative one, involving all of ACDAL’s stakeholders to create a strategic vision for the company, which will identify concrete goals, aims and objectives in terms of business growth, the creation of employment and community engagement.

ACDAL Board of Directors


Chairperson- M. O’Callaghan, Treasurer- P. Murtagh, Secretary -S.Leonard.


D. Fitzpatrick, F. Merrigan, J. Carroll , B. Weld, A. Shine

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